Whereas the concept for a World Wide Indigenous Economic Development Network has been discussed and recommended in 2012 at the WIBF in Sydney, Australia and also in 2013 at the WIBF held in Windhoek, Namibia, Africa.

Whereas these annual WIBFs have become the most important events to encourage business with Indigenous People through interactive exhibitions and practices to meet the Global trends that are adapted to the 21st  century, to promote entrepreneurship for Indigenous People, and to connect Indigenous People around the world.

Whereas recognizing the importance and spirit of these annual WIBFs for Indigenous People worldwide, for guilds and Indigenous People of our countries, indicating that it is important to attract more investment, create jobs, leverage our resources and help eliminate social unrest in the different countries.

Whereas the spirit of these annual WIBF events assist and protect Indigenous culture heritage, traditional knowledge and generic resources of Indigenous People.

Whereas it is beneficial for Indigenous People to join efforts to promote and develop engagements for economic development, to take advantage of opportunities and great potentials and likewise to attract investments and create employment opportunities.

We have therefore agreed:

This Protocol is to establish implementation for the coordination of a Global Network of Indigenous People seeking an opportunity for dialogue to exchange ideas in order to generate proposals, investments, market research and business linkages for economic, social and cultural development of Indigenous People in the World.

To achieve this goal, we commit to develop corporate activities directed to design mechanisms for incorporation and the exchange of strategies, through actions that promote:

  1. Strengthening new existing capabilities through an exchange of successful experiences, in order to empower the members of the Global Network locally, nationally and internationally.
  2. In the case of Guatemala and the World members of the new Global Network, find the strategic mechanism such as partnership at the public-­‐ private level to achieve the prosperity permitting potential of different economic activities by entrepreneurship and Indigenous business people and generate alliance with guilds and existing business organizations in the country, for economic, social cultural development and exchange of information on trends and new national and international business opportunities.
  3. All Indigenous People over the world who may adhere to this agreement to be part of the network, please contact Indigenous Leadership Development Institute (