About Us

WIBN Meeting at the Independent Maori Statutory Board (IMSB), Auckland, New Zealand (November 2016)


Indigenous business people can be isolated in their communities, lack access to information, resources, and knowledge sharing, which limits their potential for prosperity, and puts them at risk of being taken advantage of, making them dependent on intermediaries and external service providers.


WIBN will address this challenge through the development of an online presence that will facilitate the exchange of ideas, generate proposals, make investments, conduct market research and create sustainable partnerships.

WIBN will start by having chapters established in the following countries: Guatemala, Chile, Canada, Namibia, Australia, USA and New Zealand, which will be coordinated by the Indigenous leaders who signed the WIBN protocol at the World Indigenous Business Forum.  These chapter leaders will create local teams to invite entrepreneurs and mentors from the private sectors, governments and non-profit organizations to participate in the online GNIE Community.

WIBN will scale through the partnerships that are created, developing an invested interest in knowledge and resource sharing, where entrepreneurs and mentors both benefit from the exchange. Mentors can be senior entrepreneurs, business people, academics, professionals, etc.


WIBN is an extension of the business partnerships that have been formed at the annual World Indigenous Business Forums (WIBF) which attracts close to a thousand Indigenous business people every year.  The WIBF is hosted by the Indigenous Leadership Development Institute, Inc. (ILDII). The gathered international Indigenous leaders have recognized that they are in a position to share their knowledge and resources with other entrepreneurial Indigenous people who are striving to find their own economic prosperity.  That’s why in 2014 a protocol was signed at WIBF by leaders from the following countries who have committed to supporting the online WIBF Community: Guatemala, Chile, Canada, Namibia, Australia, USA and New Zealand.

The Indigenous Leadership Development Institute, Inc. (ILDII) has extensive experience with relationship building and partnership development, will help to develop and run the online WIBN Community.  ILDII is a unique non-profit organization established in the year 2000 to build leadership capacity for Indigenous people. Run by Indigenous people and directed by a volunteer board reflecting the diversity of the Indigenous community, ILDII works closely with educational institutes, governments and the private sector to provide customized training opportunities in Government-to-Government Relations, Financial Management and Accountability, Nation Building, Media Training, and Negotiation and Dispute Resolution.  This expertise and knowledge in partner development will support WIBN potential for expansion.